I have decided to put all of the things that circulate through my head into my own wedding blog! I read wedding blogs numerous times a day, every day, since my engagement began on July 18, 2011.

Dave, my fiancé (he doesn’t like the sound of that word very much, it does sounds a bit silly at first but is growing on me), and I met on January 29, 2003. We were both working at the same school. He was the Athletic Trainer and I was one of the cheerleading coaches. After Dave asked the cheerleaders about me, it became their mission to get the two of us to talk. This started around October of 2002 and it took until January 29, 2003, until we had our first “hello” (I actually said “hey”). I got up the courage to visit him during a basketball game for some needed ice packs. From that day, we were never apart!

In my next blog, I’ll write about the proposal which occurred 8 1/2 years after our first hello!