I’m Engaged, Now What?

The year prior to the proposal, while we were vacationing on HHI we saw a small wedding taking place on the beach. Dave said to me, that’s what we should do, get married on the beach. Surprisingly, I agreed! There was something about that moment that changed my wish of wanting a big wedding in my hometown. Maybe because we were together for so long, maybe because I was getting older and didn’t need a huge wedding, or maybe because there was something so romantic about that moment that I couldn’t imagine having it any other way. From that point on, I was determined to make a wedding over 700 miles away from home happen. When we returned from our vacation that year, I began researching wedding planners. I knew the first wedding planning service I found was not right for us, because it lacked the personal appeal and some of the packages seemed to produce a cookie cutter wedding. Then I found Amanda Spencer of Spencer Special Events, who had the personal appeal I was looking for. I knew then that I had to contact her even though we weren’t engaged yet. I reached out to Amanda via email and she quickly responded. Amanda suggested a phone call and I was very surprised because she knew I was not actually engaged. We had almost an hour phone call and I was so excited. Nine months went by and we were off to HHI again and I had plans to meet up with Amanda, even though there was still no ring on my finger. Then that all changed the day before I had plans to meet Amanda. Dave proposed and I was so excited to be able to finally tell this wedding planner that it was official! My mom and I went and met Amanda. She was so friendly and welcoming with wonderful ideas, I knew then that she was my wedding planner that was going to make our dream wedding a reality! In my next blog, I’ll discuss to have or to not have a wedding planner.


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