A Wedding Planner, To Have or Not Have?

With my wedding being hundreds of miles away from home in a different state, I knew that a wedding planner would be a great asset for us. I also knew that my wedding planner would have to be someone who had amazing talent, yet a warm and welcoming personality. An added bonus to my wedding planner, Amanda Spencer of Spencer Special Events, is that she has the most bubbly personality and emits nothing but southern charm. While I knew a wedding planner would be of great help to me, I did question whether or not it was a good decision budget wise and I was also afraid of losing control of our wedding. I didn’t want decisions being made for me and I didn’t want to lose the experience of making decisions with my mom and sister. I can honestly say that from the very beginning my wedding planner has taken the time to get to know us as a couple, things we like and don’t like, and has really listened to what I envision. She has let the decisions up to us and is there when I need her for advice. I highly suggest having a wedding planner, if you feel you don’t need one with all of the planning, I would definitely suggest having one for the day of. It is nice to know that everything is in the hands of a professional wedding planner on the big day. This way your family gets to sit back and enjoy the day with you and not have to worry about moving flower arrangements from point A to B, making sure everything and everyone are in their places, etc. I think the most important thing is to choose a wedding planner that fits you and someone who is a very good listener and does not design your big day but rather emphasizes it and allows the bride and groom to shine through.

For any bride who is planning a wedding in the Lowcountry I highly recommend contacting Amanda Spencer of Spencer Special Events: http://spencerspecialevents.com/

Be sure to do your research before hiring any wedding planner. You can usually get a good feel from their website and photos from previous weddings, but also review testimonials on Wedding Wire: http://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-planners

I say To Have to a wedding planner! Happy planning!


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