My First Dress Fitting

ImageI went for my first dress fitting last Sunday at David’s Bridal. My MOH (my sister), my FG (my niece) and my mom joined me. It was such a great time and all of our dresses looked beautiful! My four year old niece did not like the pins, she thought they were going to hurt her. Thankfully she only needed a hem! My dress has been hanging in my house for months now and I only took a peek at it every so often to make sure it was still ok, but I did not try it on for 6 or 7 months. I must say I fell in love with it all over again last Sunday. Maybe because the wedding is so close and everything is so real and really starting to come together, I think! Looking forward to my next fitting in a few weeks.


Saying “Yes!” to my Dress

Before our engagement I must admit that I visited David’s Bridal’s website a few times. I knew David’s Bridal would be the place to purchase my wedding dress because my sister purchased her wedding dress there and they have a vast selection of dresses. At that time, we had to travel to the Pittsburgh area, but since then we got a David’s Bridal in Altoona. Plus, I must say I love the name David! I am the type of girl who can look at something and know right away if its for me. I usually don’t go shopping for items or clothes, but rather I get an image in my head and then I search where to buy it. So after visiting David Bridal’s website I found one dress that caught my eye. This was months before our engagement. I’m so glad I didn’t run out and buy that dress as right before Dave’s proposal I took a look again at the website and found a different dress that I fell in LOVE with and knew this was going to be my Yes! to the dress! As soon as we returned from vacation I arranged an appointment the very next week. It was the first dress I tried on and as you can guess I said Yes! to this dress. I tried on 3 other dresses just to be sure and I did consider two of these dresses, but I kept going back to the first one. It was meant to be. It was the last day I was able to order that particular dress. If I had waited another day, there was no guarantee they would be able to get the dress in my size and color. Meant to be! I definitely kept in mind my venue (outside in July) and knew that it had to have a Southern look (lots of ruffles!) for our laid-back outdoor wedding.

I had such a lovely experience with my dress shopping. It was a week night and the store was empty. I have been there on weekends and the store is swarming with people. We had the place to ourselves. My mom, sister, niece, nephew (I owed him a special present for dragging him along), future mother-in-law, future sister-in-law, and a close family friend were all there with me.

I have watched numerous episodes of Say Yes to the Dress on TLC and have seen some brides bring an entire entourage of people with too many opinions. I can say that we all truly enjoyed our dress shopping experience. Since my entire wedding party was with me, they all picked out and purchased their dresses that same evening once I was all done.

Here’s to saying Yes! to the dress.

Vendor Selection

Almost immediately after we selected our wedding planner, venue and date, we moved quickly into selecting the rest of our vendors. I had been researching photographers, florists, lighting, etc. prior to the proposal so I was pretty familiar with the majority of vendors in the Lowcountry. With the help of our wedding planner we had the officiant, photographer, florist, and lighting in place within the first few weeks of our engagement. Contracts were emailed to me and deposits were made. We were locked in! Next came the stationery, cake baker, musician, videographer, and DJ. We were on a roll within the first few months of our engagement! It felt so good to get all of the “big” vendors out of the way. We never really had to look into too many vendors because every time we went with our first choice and the one our wedding planner recommended. I was glad I did a lot of research prior to the proposal. It all seemed to easy. All of our first choices were available on our date and I mainly communicate with our vendors via email. Another added bonus with having a wedding planner, especially when planning a wedding in another state, is that they are often in a close network with their fellow wedding folks. Amanda would recommend a few photographers and then we made our selection based on visiting the websites. This was mainly how our vendor selection was completed. We know these vendors are trustworthy, reliable and exceptional at what they do, therefore making our vendor selections a very simple and enjoyable experience. My family purchased a planning binder for me, which has been working very well for me with my checklists and keeping track of vendor deposits and payments. I highly recommend one, even if you have a wedding planner.

To see the list of our vendors, please visit our wedding website:

Hope this helps anyone who is searching for vendors in the Lowcountry!

In my next blog, I’ll talk about saying “yes” to my dress!