Final Details

Hard to believe we are 16 days away from our Big Day!! The past several days have been about finishing up the to-do lists, wrapping up loose ends, trying to lock in a total count, making sure everything that needs ordered on-line is purchased, completing DIY projects, answering questions from our vendors, creating a time-line, finalizing the smallest details, and making sure everything is in place. So many last minute things to do and on top of it prepare to go on vacation as well. Boxes after boxes are being filled, marked and sealed. I can’t even imagine loading the cars with all of the wedding and vacation items. This is such a joyous time and I am soaking up every minute of enjoying the last minute details. After a year of planning, it is here and I am stepping back and taking it all in!


Alterations Mayhem

As a bride-to-be, I have heard and read many times that things will go wrong in the course of wedding planning. I can say that the biggest mishap has been alterations. From my wedding dress to the fellows’ suits, we have experienced had a huge headache in the alterations department. I had my first fitting, which went just fine, but when I went back to try on my dress after the alterations were complete, it would not zipper! Talk about throwing the bride into a complete frenzy. I sat there in my full slip while the seamstress tried to figure out what went wrong. Turns out they didn’t write down my measurements, the paperwork wasn’t clear because a different person sewed the dress than the one who pinned it, and they took way too much in. I sat there while they let out the stitching and then started from square one until they had it right. I had to leave my dress another time so they could finish it, went back a week later and finally it fit! We ordered the fellows suits the end of last summer and had them in our possession by the Holidays. My wonderful groom decided over the winter to start working out and focusing on eating healthy, which resulted in a weight loss and a whole suit size smaller. Another suit had to be ordered and then all of the fellows’ pants were hemmed way too short! We are getting married along the Calibogue Sound, but I don’t plan on having them stand in the water! So we are currently at the point of having 4 of the 6 fellows ready to go. My poor groom currently has no suit ready to go as his pants were short a second time. Praying everyone is ready to go by this weekend, as we are at 22 days until the wedding, eeeek! Definitely plan on some mishaps, but know everything will work out eventually it just may take time, numerous phone calls and a few Tylenol to get there. Happy wedding planning!